Hematite Bracelet

Hematite Bracelet
Is it OK to wear a Hematite bracelet near computer equiment?

I really would like to replace my old hematite bracelet which broke a couple months ago. However, I recently discovered that hematite has magnetic properties, which I am concerned may be destructive around any electronic or computer equiment. I would really like to replace my bracelet for its metaphysical qualities but fear that its physical qualities may corrupt my computer. Should I wear this bracelet if I spend much of my time near computer equiment, espcially computer storage such as flash (RAM) memory?

I have wore a Hematite Necklace around a computer and flat panel screen for years. I dont’ notice anything. IF you have a CRT monitor, that woul be a different story, as they are harmful by themselves.

Hematite Bracelet

Women's Magnetic Hematite Tuchi Pearl Bracelet with Crystal, 7.5

Women’s Magnetic Hematite Tuchi Pearl Bracelet with Crystal, 7.5


A magnetic hematite trendy bracelet. This shiny black gun metal looking beaded bracelet is accented with Austrian crystal rondells , it is eye-catching wherever it appears. The bracelet measures 7.5″ long and 1/3″ wide(8MM) with a strong stretch strap and very comfortable to wear. A perfect birthday gift present for her!…

MBOX Men's Buddha Energy Bracelet (Grey Hematite)

MBOX Men’s Buddha Energy Bracelet (Grey Hematite)


The bracelet is not only a fashion accessory, but also brings spirit energy to wearer. Hematite bead helps people facing and overcoming deepest fears. Tibetan Buddhism design brings cheerful religion power to you and people around. Besides, it is a perfect gift for families and friends, because of its exquisite quality and blessing property….

Genuine Oval Magnetic Hematite Anklet, 9.5 Inches

Genuine Oval Magnetic Hematite Anklet, 9.5 Inches


This stylish magnetic hematite anklet is made from genuine oval hematite beads. It is very easy to wear. It can be worn by men or women….

Set Of 2 Men's/Women's Hematite Metal Magnetic Therapy Bracelets S15C3

Set Of 2 Men’s/Women’s Hematite Metal Magnetic Therapy Bracelets S15C3


This listing is for (A Pair Of 2) Magnetic Hematite Bracelets For One Price – Brand New – Individually Packaged Each Is 8″ Long and 1/2″ Wide On Stretch Bands… A Fashionable Way To Look and Feel Great! Each has Extra Strong 100% Hematite 600+ Gauss Panel Magnets… Women Love This Style Too ! – Magnetic therapy is a natural method used to relieve pain, restore energy and enhance sleep and improv…

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