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What’s the best way to take Kratom 15X Extract?

It’s still in powder form, but 1g of it is really like 15g of regular kratom so it’s much stronger.

So, should I make it into tea like normal kratom but only use a small amount? I’m not sure how much I should use and the best way to take it. HELP!

website below has a ton of info about Kratom. Also watch the kratom video it has instructions. You’re better off with Kratom Xtreme it’s about as potent as 15x but A LOT cheaper. 15x is good though, just pricey.

KRATOM NEWS: January 2013 – How To Make Kratom Tea

Kratom: Recover from extreme addiction

Kratom: Recover from extreme addiction


Kratom, yet another psychoactive leaf, helps extreme addicts to recover from their addictions. Know the reasons how Kratom can help you to change yourself. A must read book for everyone with serious to extreme drug addiction….

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